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Does Crop Insurance Cover Drought in Kentucky

Does Crop Insurance Cover Drought in Kentucky?


When you’ve got profitable crops, you want to be positive they’re covered against numerous disasters from the start. This includes planning for catastrophes that could stem from Mother Nature herself. Fortunately there’s a type of crop insurance in Kentucky that can provide coverage for drought, among many other disasters.

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Kentucky Flood Insurance

Do You Need Flood Insurance in Kentucky?


Are your home and personal belongings protected from flooding? Kentucky residents face high risks of flooding, but flood insurance must be purchased separately from home insurance. A Kentucky independent insurance agent can help you find the right flood insurance for your home so you're protected from this costly disaster.

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Kentucky Crop Insurance

What Does Crop Insurance Cover in Kentucky?

Lines of Insurance

If you own a farm in Kentucky you want to make sure your crops are protected from drought, excessive moisture, freezing, extreme heat, insect damage, and commodity prices. Fortunately, crop insurance provides protection against all of this and more. Take a closer look at why you should consider this coverage for your farm.

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